Oils and waxes

SEALING AND FINISHING wood with natural oils is a time honoured tradition that is making a come-back. To meet the demand for the growing market for Oils, Liberon Limited is launching a new range of the highest quality oils for interior and exterior applications.

The new range marks Liberon’s entry into Exterior Oils and includes the highest quality products for general as well as more specialist applications. Liberon’s Interior and Exterior Oil Range combines existing popular oils with new products for today’s market. All are based on the finest natural ingredients to give a hardwearing, natural finish to both working and decorative wood surfaces. Products that may come into contact with food surfaces, or may be used for children’s toys, comply with Safety Standard EN71.
Liberon’s New Oil Range includes:
Interior Oils: Pure Tung Oil, a natural drying oil of exceptional quality which produces the finest matt to satin finish and Finishing Oil, one of Liberon’s most popular oils and a good all-rounder which dries quickly to produce a high, water-resistant sheen ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to apply, Natural Floor Oil is a new product which highlights the wood’s grain and gives a natural, fashionable, light finish to protect and to help prevent wood darkening with age. Complementary, Floor Maintenance Oil is a light, neutral Oil formulated to protect and maintain the beauty of oiled interior floors. Liberon’s Teak Oil is a traditional blend of high quality oils producing a hard wearing matt to satin finish for use on red woods such as teak and mahogany. For the traditionalist, Raw Linseed and Boiled Linseed Oil are included in the range.
Exterior Oils: A new range of Wood care Oils for garden furniture and exterior woods is now available from Liberon Limited. Garden Oils are part of the new Liberon family of Oils that have been developed to meet the increasing popularity of natural finishes. New products, Garden Furniture Oil, Garden Furniture Cleaner and Decking Oil, mark Liberon’s entry into exterior oils and the garden market.
Liberon Garden Furniture Oil is a clear, blended oil specially developed by Liberon for teak and Iroko furniture. It will help retain and restore the natural beauty of wood furniture and exterior woodwork by feeding and protecting against the extremes of weather. Liberon Garden Oil is UV and water-resistant and dries within 24 hours to form a protective barrier. It is available in Clear and Amber to revive colour and timber faded by sunlight and comes in 500ml and 1 litre tins and an easy to apply 400ml spray option. Complementary Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner is a highly effective, easy to use, general-purpose wood
cleaner which is ideal for treating surfaces before applying Garden Furniture Oil. In addition to cleaning dirty and discolored wood it will help remove mildew and black spots and prevent the ‘greying’ of wood associated with ageing. Liberon
Garden Furniture Cleaner is available in 1 litre tins and a convenient 75Oml pump action spray.
In addition, high quality, UV and water resistant Liberon Decking Oil will protect new and rejuvenate old exterior decking. It is easily brush applied and
comes in Clear and an Amber shade to restore the original colour. Used regularly it will build a hardwearing, durable finish that will resist damaging weather and harmful ultra violet rays. Liberon Decking Oil is available in 2.5 and 5 litre cans. Liberon Limited is part of the European V33 Group and a manufacturer of high quality products for the care and restoration of wood and natural materials.

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