The purpose of a stormbar is to prevent the ingress of water and wind beneath an external  door. This could be a front entrance door, a back door a porch door, patio doors, french doors or balcony doors. Some very old external doors were only fitted on top of stone cills with nothing to prevent the seepage of rain or draughts. Popular in the Edwardian era many timber cills were routed to accept a steel water bar over which the door was routed. This prevented water penetration but not the draughts. Later, in an attempt to make these draught proof, the water bars were made of hard plastic with a soft rubber tongue that helped to reduce the draughts but were not very hard wearing. Frequently the soft rubber tongue just parted from its’ hard plastic support thus defeating its’ purpose in life. Now a much more robust and efficient system is available that is made of aluminium with  EDPM rubber seals. Not only are water and draughts eliminated but the bottom of the door does not need to be rebated.

Stormbars are available in different finishes and many different designs to meet the many varied circumstances of their use and environmental conditions.

Pictures and sizes to follow shortly