Dual finish handles

These handles are available in many dual finish designs such as:

Apollo split finish (satin chrome with polished chrome edge) Polished chrome/brass (lacquered polished brass and polished chrome
Jupiter split finish (lacquered satin nickel with gold plated edge)
Mercury split finish (lacquered satin nickel with polished nickel edge) Mayfair split finish (lacquered satin brass with polished brass edge) Patina split finish (lacquered satin brass with a bronze finish edge)


Ambassador (apollo split finish) Buckingham (jupiter split finish) Celia (apollo split finish)
Deda (apollo split finish) Edwardian (jupiter split finish) Fluo (apollo split finish)
Hilton (mayfair split finish) Saturn (apollo split finish) Kendo (polished chrome/brass)
Jade (satin chrome/polished chrome) Jet (satin chrome/polished chrome) Laser (satin chrome/polished chrome)
Quartz (satin chrome/polished chrome) Ruby (satin chrome/polished chrome) Topaz (matt nickel plated/ polished chrome)
Ultra (satin chrome/polished chrome) Lena (apollo split finish) Lisboa (jupiter split finish)
Mercury (apollo split finish) Roda (apollo split finish) Marta (polished chrome/brass
Turin (polished chrome/brass Opal (matt nickel plated/ polished chrome) Henley (apollo split finish)
Amethyst (matt nickel plated/ polished chrome)