Internal Folding Interior Doors

Any door may be used to make a set of folding doors. The simplest form is a ready made door to to suit a single doorway to a room. The more complex would consist of a number of doors to divide a room or hall for privacy, noise reduction or heat retention. They could be fully or partially glazed or completely solid. They can be rebated together or just have flush meeting edges. They can be draught sealed, securely locked or just pushed open at the touch of a hand. Room dividers do not always require a track; Using Parliament hinges it is possible to just hinge the doors together enabling the doors to open fully and lay flat against a supporting wall thus eliminating any protrusion into the room. – Very tidy!

Here are some examples using tracks:

Tracks for folding interior doors

Folding door tracks

Folding door gear for several doors

Multi door folding gear