Internal fire check doors



These doors can be either flush, moulded hardboard or timber veneered. All have a fire resisting chipboard interior. Because the material is fire resistant it is not necessary to make the doors solid. A cross section of the door will reveal holes ‘drilled’ vertically or horizontally the full height or width of the door. The lipping of the edges hides the chipboard and enables up to 6 mm for ‘shooting-in’. Because of their construction these doors cannot be used as external doors with the exception of door blanks that are filled with solid chunks of timber.

What are fire doors


White Oak

Royale Traditional 12-6VM12-6vmn Churchillian BlenheimBlenheim Capricorn Colonial RM
F2 Flush veneer Giza Georgian wired flush
HP22 UK16 UK12 NM8
UK18 Izmir Jakarta LondonLondon 4 panel un-finished solid
Louis RM Malton non RM Victorian non RM Palermo
Pattern 10 Flush Roma Shaker glazed
Shaker 4p Suffolk Victorian RM Victorian non RM
Euston Messina Monza Novara
Palermo glazed Pattern 10 glazed Verona Victorian shaker
Worcester glazed Worcester Aspect Virdi
Leda 7301 Leda 7324 Oak GlazedLeda 7324 Leda 7300 OakLeda 7300 Oxford Oak Oxford unglazed
Orta K8503 Oak 3-LightOrta K8503 3 light Orta K8501 Oak 1-LightOrta K8501 1 light Shaker Pattern 10Shaker pattern 10 solid Contemporary 4-PanelContemporary 4-Panel pre-finished solid
Erinome 8324 Oak & Walnut GlazedErinome 8324 4 light Erinome 8300 Oak & WalnutErinome 8300 solid Dubhe 7224 White Oak GlazedDubhe 7224 4 light Deneb 7205 White Oak GlazedDeneb 7205 5 light
Contemporary Oak 4-Panel untreatedContemporary 4-Panel untreated solid Ara 7200 White OakAra 7200 solid Shaker Oak 2-PanelShaker 2-panel un-finished solid Shaker Oak 4-PanelShaker 4-panel un-finished solid
Monaco 3-LightMonaco 3 light Monaco OakMonaco solid Monaco 1-Light OakMonaco 1 light



Canterbury 2light fire checkCanterbury Classique grained Colonist grained Faro FD30Faro
Victorian Sentinel Palermo Pattern 10
Shaker Victorian shaker Worcester RegencyRegency smooth
CoventryCoventry smooth 2Panel2 panel smooth CanterburyCanterbury grained shaker 4pShaker 4 panel
shaker 2pShaker 2 panel



Argento Flush WalnutFlush veneer Jakarta Libra
Madrid Pretoria Santiago UK12
UK16 Vienna Aspect Nova 1 light
Nova Virdi Garda K8324 Walnut 4-Light Garda K8324 4 light Erinome 8500 Erinome 8500
Como K5401 Walnut 1-LightComo K54011 light Bolection Almeria WalnutAlmeria 3212 3 panel Monaco Monaco solid Monaco 1-LightMonaco 1 light
Monaco 3-LightMonaco 3 light


Clear pine

1930 4 panel Colonial Islington London
Oxford glazed


Firecheck flush doors

Ash Beech Cherry Koto
Maple Sapele Flush WalnutWalnut Oak
Cherry izmir Hardwood libra Plywood Plywood kigo
Plywood kinitt 1G 3G 7G
8G 10G 16G 18G
19G 20G