Internal Mahogany type doors



This is usually Meranti which is a hardwood with the same pink colour and grain of Mahogany. True Brazilian mahogany is not used as this could lead to the depletion of the rain forest. These 35 mm thick doors are supplied either unglazed or with clear bevelled glass.


Athos Colonial Dakota Hamlet
8 panel (Discontinued, specially made only) London Louis Park lane
IFG50P SA77 DownhamWarwick



Imperial DiamondImperial Diamond (Discontinued, specially made only) ImperialImperial glazed clear bevelled glass Kent-2PKent 2 panel Kent-8LKent 8 light
Kent-DiamondKent Diamond (Discontinued, specially made only) LyonLyon glazed clear bevelled glass MaltonMalton glazed clear bevelled glass Pattern-10Pattern 10 unglazed
Regency-4PRegency 4 panel Regency-6PRegency 6 panel Riviera-6LRiviera

SA-DiamondSA Diamond

(Discontinued, specially made only)