Internal Oak doors


These are timber cored with a White or Red Oak veneer. There is no red or pinkness in the Red Oak doors. They are really well made doors with a minimum of imperfections (nothing natural is perfect to the discerning eye) Preparation before finishing is almost negligible.

All prices include V.A.T

2V 2V4H catalonia-oak-sCatalonia 4 panel
8 panel 10 panel Traditional 11-8VN11-8VN Royale Traditional 12-6VM12-6VM
Colonial RMColonial raised mouldings 12-M 32-6VM 32M
92-6VMN 92MN 204M 204V
Altea 2 panel Altea 6 light clear bevelled glazed Altea 9 light clear bevelled glazed Alu 9300
Alu 9324  (glazed with lightly frosted flat glass also available in clear flat glass.) Alu 9500 Alu 9503  (glazed with lightly frosted flat glass also available in clear flat glass.) Amadora-OakAmadora frosted glass
Amulet Aquarius


(Wenge inlays)

Aragon glazed easy clean laminated frosted glass
ArdecheArdeche glazed clear bevel glass Aston glazed obscure glass (clear glass also available) Barcelona-OakBarcelona glazed clear bevel gass Barnes 3 light glazed bevel edged toughened glass
Barnes 3 panel Biarritz 3 light (glazed with clear toughened glass.) Biarritz ColonialColonial
Bristol 2 light glazed sandblasted glass Bristol Burma Canterbury clear bevelled  glazed
Capricorn Cardinal 4 panel Cardinal 6 panel Catalonia glazed linea toughened glass
Catalunya 1 light Catalunya Cava (available with wenge inlay and walnut) Cava glazed glazed linea toughened glass (available with wenge inlay and walnut)
Clementine Ceylon Chartwell  Aragon OakAragon


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