Internal panel doors


This is a generic name for a group of doors with specific patterns . Whilst some have wooden
panels, usually flat rather than raised and fielded, others only have glazing apertures. They
are usually constructed from Hemlock or Canadian Redwood. Hemlock is a “white” coloured timber with straight close grain and very few if any knots. Officially it is hardwood ie: it is a broad leafed deciduous tree, but as it is light and “white” it is often referred to as a softwood. (Balsa is in the same category) The stiles of Hemlock doors are always manufactured from 3″ wide material instead of the more common 4″ wide used in the Meranti doors. Glazing beads are not normally included and care must be taken in the selection of locks and handles/knobs. The trimming of over wide doors is not recommended apart from the normal shooting in (planing the door to shape).
Canadian Redwood looks like knotty pine but is more dense (heavier). It is a whitewood not red as its name implies. Despite its knots it is not so prone to twisting as knotty pine.

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